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Nurix is seeking a highly skilled and motivated automation specialist to lead our state-of-the-art robotic synthesis platform.  The ideal candidate will utilize robotic synthesis to provide highly impactful support across our entire research portfolio comprised of small molecule, heterobifunctional protein-degradation, and DNA encoded library (DEL) leads.  Working closely with analytical chemistry, this person will identify and hone workflows, maintain and program instrumentation, optimize parallel synthesis chemistries, and carry out robotic syntheses.  There are additional opportunities for project leadership. 

Position responsibilities:

  • Work independently and with medicinal chemists to develop, improve and simplify the automation process.
  • Identify, assess and implement state of the art automated platforms for parallel chemical synthesis.
  • Maintain automation systems and create new protocols.
  • Improve reaction chemistries allowing for multistep parallel syntheses.
  • Miniaturize chemistries for smaller plate formats
  • Work closely with informatics to implement a functional LIMS system to track synthesis routines.
  • Implement a sample management system to track and dispense reagents and final compounds to various workflows.
  • Provide automation expertise to other departments outside of Medicinal Chemistry.


  • Ph.D in organic chemistry or relevant field with 3+ years of pharmaceutical/biotech experience or MS or BA with 6+ years of relevant experience.
  • Experience working with Hamilton liquid handler systems or equivalent is mandatory.
  • Solid background in parallel synthesis is required. Understanding of medicinal chemistry concepts is also desired.
  • Strong computer skills are needed with expertise in excel and XSL programming.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and maintain instrumentation is mandatory.

Fit with Nurix Culture and Values

  • Strong team orientation, highly collaborative and results-oriented focus
  • Hands-on approach; resourceful and open to diverse points of view
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Self-driven and enthusiastic with the ability to thrive in a dynamic environment

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