Targeting Virtually Any Protein to Treat Disease

Nurix has leveraged its deep E3 ligase expertise and internally developed DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) to develop its DELigase platform for Targeted Protein Modulation. DEligase can harness the activity of specific E3 ligases to destroy disease-causing proteins, an approach known as Targeted Protein Degradation, or inhibit specific E3 ligases to increase levels of beneficial proteins.

Nurix Adoptive Cell Therapy (NxACT)

Drug-Enhanced Cell Therapy to Improve Patient Outcomes

Targeted Protein Modulation can improve the expansion and quality of cell therapy products, and Nurix is focusing on applying it in two ways under our Nurix Adoptive Cell Therapy or NxACT approach: drug-enhanced tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (DeTIL) and drug-enhanced chimeric antigen receptor T cells (DeCART). Our lead cell therapy program called DeTIL-0255 uses our proprietary ex vivo CBL-B inhibitor, NX-0255, to enhance the activity of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes.


Nurix is pursuing internal development of DeTIL-0255 as its lead DeTIL program. More on DeTIL


Nurix formed a subsidiary called DeCART in collaboration with CAR-T experts from the University of Pennsylvania. Visit DeCART