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Innovative Pipeline of Medicines

Our innovative pipeline focuses the power of our platform to address the unmet needs of patients with cancer. Our goal is to empower the body to fight disease using small molecule drugs to activate or inhibit the natural process of protein degradation.


Targeted Protein Degradation

Nurix is at the forefront of a new modality of treating disease: Targeted Protein Degradation. Using our powerful DELigase platform, Nurix is developing a pipeline of medicines that harness the activity of a class of enzymes called E3 ligases to degrade specific proteins within the cell.

Targeted Protein Elevation

In contrast to Targeted Protein Degraders, which degrade a specific disease-causing protein, ligase inhibitors prevent the degradation and thus raise the level of proteins normally controlled by the target ligase. The ability to turn up or turn down protein levels is a differentiating feature of Nurix’s technology.

Cell Therapy

Nurix is using targeted protein modulation to create superior adoptive cell therapies by growing T cells in the presence of our CBL-B ligase inhibitor. T cells are immune cells that surveil the body and eliminate both cancer cells and virally infected cells. Scientists have developed several approaches to using T cells taken from the patient as a living drug, including tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL).


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We are committed to the highest level of scientific inquiry and integrity. Our team is talented and united in our goal to develop medicines to address patients’ unmet medical needs. If you would like to be part of our world-class team and share our exciting journey, we want to hear from you.