Degrader-Antibody Conjugates

Targeting Virtually Any Protein to Treat Disease

Nurix has leveraged its deep E3 ligase expertise and internally developed DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) to develop its DELigase platform for Targeted Protein Modulation. DELigase can harness the activity of specific E3 ligases to destroy disease-causing proteins, an approach known as Targeted Protein Degradation, or inhibit specific E3 ligases to increase levels of beneficial proteins, an approach we call Targeted Protein Elevation.

Degrader-Antibody Conjugates (DACs): Tumor-Specific Delivery of Potent Degraders

Advancing a New Therapeutic Class

DACs represent a next generation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by combining the catalytic activity of a Targeted Protein Degrader (TPD) with the specificity of an antibody. This new therapeutic modality has the potential for enhanced efficacy and improved safety relative to either technology alone. First, replacing the highly toxic ADC payload with degraders may improve both safety and efficacy. Second, DACs are more selective than traditional degraders because DACs deliver degraders specifically to tumor cells. Thus, by combining degrader technology with ADCs, DACs have the potential to be a next generation alternative to both traditional degraders and current ADCs.