Senior Director, Computational Resources & Data Management

Senior Director, Computational Resources & Data Management

Candidate with a demonstrated experience (20 years+) managing large data-centric projects in drug discovery/pharmaceutical/biomedical industry, with proven skills in R&D data management, business intelligence/analytics, database administration and information infrastructure, software development, and cloud-based computational technologies.

The position consists of evaluating, proposing, and implementing cost effective, cross functional data management, high performance solutions to serve all Research, Clinical Development, and Business teams data and providing relevant information for any decision-making requirements. The candidate must have a passion for solving technical challenges and building collaborative, cross functional relationships with peers, supervisors, and team members.


  • Executive Management of all computational resources, private clouds, internal databases and information repository, with proven experience managing AWS Services, Public/Private/Hybrid Clouds strategy, configuration and administration.
  • Databases and related Data Services Administration, Monitoring, Optimization, and Support to ensure 24/7 uptime. While Nurix utilizes all database servers flavors, a strong Oracle DBA experience is required for this position.
  • Harmonization & Normalization of all key Drug Discovery and Research data w/ a central Master Data Management Plan, and centralization of all information in Nurix Proprietary databases (i.e. NxVision).
  • Complete Data Management Support for all Business, Alliance Management, Research, Clinical Development teams including support for: Data Capture, Data Reporting & Dashboarding, ad-hoc Import/Export for any data requests. Working closely with the Biometrics and Clinical teams to ensure data availability, quality, compliance, and security.
  • Evaluation, implementation, support, and management of all company private and vendor cloud solutions (AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, SaaS solutions, etc.) and management of all Data Integrations between these solutions (Research, Clinical, GxP).
  • Provide technical data management and databases support for all Software Development initiatives; Delphi, NxVision, LIMS, or any Lab Systems and Research Operations Development. This including ensuring data availability for any Software Development, Testing, UAT, Training.
  • Support CMC Technical Lead for Investigational Drug Supply Chain, Distribution, GMP Manufacturing & Inventory Distribution information (purchasing, sales, inventory, shipping, track-trace, raw material to finished goods to sales.
  • Extensive knowledge of many information systems used in Drug Discovery, Research, Genomics, ChemInformatics, Clinical Development, and Clinical Informatics, Quality Assurance, Software and Data, including Public Databases Integration and Support.
  • Participate as need in any Clinical and Drug Safety data reporting/analytics to support the Nurix Preclinical and Clinical studies.


Nurix Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of small molecule therapies designed to modulate cellular protein levels as a novel treatment approach for cancer and immune disorders. Leveraging Nurix’s extensive expertise in E3 ligases together with its proprietary DNA-encoded libraries, Nurix has built DELigase, an integrated discovery platform to identify and advance novel drug candidates targeting E3 ligases, a broad class of enzymes that can modulate proteins within the cell. Nurix’s drug discovery approach is to either harness or inhibit the natural function of E3 ligases within the ubiquitin proteasome system to selectively decrease or increase cellular protein levels.

Nurix’s wholly owned pipeline comprises targeted protein degraders of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase, a B-cell signaling protein, and inhibitors of Casitas B-lineage lymphoma proto-oncogene-B, an E3 ligase that regulates T cell activation. Nurix is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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